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1,000 TIMES GOOD NIGHT Opens Friday October 24th | N/R

Theater Three 1:00 3:10 5:20 7:30 9:55
Rebecca (Juliette Binoche) is one of world's top war photojournalists, capturing dangerous and chilling images in the most dire landscapes, all in an effort to shed light on the real cost of modern war. But she's also a wife and mother, leaving behind a husband and two young daughters every time she travels to a new combat zone. After a near-death experience chronicling the ritual of a female suicide bomber, husband Marcus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) levels an ultimatum: give up the dangerous profession or lose the family she counts on being there when she returns from each assignment. Yet the conviction that her photos can make a difference keeps pulling at Rebecca's resolve, making it difficult for her to walk away entirely. With an offer to photograph a refugee camp in Kenya, a place allegedly so safe that daughter Steph (Lauryn Canny) is allowed to join her, Rebecca comes face to face with just how much she risks each time she steps back into the fray.

SPECIAL TREAT: Director Erik Poppe will be present for a Q&A following the 7:30 show on Friday 10/24.

Running time: 1:51
Language: English
More Info: Movie Web Site

RED DOT ON THE OCEAN Opens Friday October 24th | NR

Theater One 1:10 2:50 4:30 6:20 8:00 9:55
Matt Rutherford’s childhood was fraught with obstacles. He grew up in an obscure Christian cult, struggled with ADHD and learning disabilities, was in drug rehab at 13, lived on the streets, and in juvenile detention. While attending a special high school, Matt discovered that he actually liked to learn. After graduating, he read about Ernest Shackleton and other Arctic explorers, and became obsessed with sailing the famed Northwest Passage. He taught himself how to sail and crisscrossed the Atlantic, alone.

In June 2011, Matt departed on an incredible, death-defying voyage. On an old scrappy 27-foot sailboat he spent the next 309 days alone at sea. He braved the icebergs of the Arctic and the treacherous waters off Cape Horn to become the first solo sailor to circumnavigate the Americas. Before he left, professional sailors called him crazy and declared his 27,000-mile journey “a suicide mission”. But Rutherford proved them all wrong. He brought back remarkable footage and audio logs, raised $120,000 for charity and entered the record books.

How does a troubled youth become a sailing legend? Ask Matt Rutherford. His story is full of surprises and makes us all feel we can do more than we ever imagined.

Running time: 1:15
Language: English

SPECIAL TREAT: Director Amy Flannery, Principle Matt Rutherford, & Producer Tory Salvia will be present for Q&A’s following the 8:00 show on Fri. 10/24, Sat. 10/25 & Sun. 10/26.
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TIGER LILY ROAD Opens Friday October 24th | R

Theater Two 1:10 3:10 5:15 7:15 9:30
In this sexy, subversive dark comedy, best friends and housemates Annie and Louise, pushing 40, are about to step through the looking glass. ANNIE a small town vet is also a compulsive empathizer, and according to Louise and that’s why the casualty rate on her relationships has been so high. But LOUISE, the “class slut,” hasn’t done any better. After a demeaning encounter with Annie’s old boyfriend, RUSSELL - “probably the last straight, relatively sane, single man in our town” quips Louise - both friends drink tequila and swear a blood oath to give up men for a year. Later that night, as heavy snow begins to fall, a handsome smart ass named RICKY, on the run from the law (he stole a hot dog from a convenience store) breaks into their house trying to escape the storm. When the phones and power go out, Annie and Louise are forced to deal with their attractive and seductive hostage. Louise refuses to back down from the sexual power struggle she’s helped to instigate as she becomes more and more alarmed at the growing bond forming between Annie and Ricky. Friendships and freedom are tested In this modern day fairytale, as the situation spins wickedly out of control.

Frank Cipolla of the Wall St. Journal calls it, “really imaginative...original...the direction was superb.” New York Times best selling author, Caroline Leavitt ​says​, “Outrageous, smart...breathtakingly great.” And Janyce Denise Glasper, FemFilmRogue, “Magical touches of irresisti​ble sweetness...a twisted little gem.” “A brilliant first film...Brilliantly cast & scrupulously shot as only the eye of an authentic filmmaker sees." -Ed Sherin, Producer, Director, Film, TV & Stage.

SPECIAL TREAT: Director Michael Medeiros and Selected Cast will be present following the 7:15 Screenings for Q&A's.

Running Time: 1:29
Language: English
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ALGORITHMS Opens Friday October 24th | NR

Theater Four 1:00 4:00 6:30 9:15
In India, a group of boys dream of becoming Chess Grandmasters. But this is no ordinary chess and these are no ordinary players. Algorithms is a documentary that transports us into the little known world of Blind Chess.

Chess is an ancient and universal game with origins in India. Filmed over three years in different parts of India, Algorithms follows three boys and an adult champion who not only aspires to bring global recognition to India's blind chess players, but also wants to encourage all blind children to play chess.

The filmmakers travel with the players to competitive tournaments, including the World Junior Blind Chess Championship. They also film them in their home milieu where they reveal their struggles, anxieties and hopes. Moving through the algorithms of the blind chess world, the film is a tactile and mindful journey that challenges the notion of what it means to "see".

Running time: 1:40
Language: English, Hindi, Tamil, Odiya with English Subtitles
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HIT BY LIGHTNING Opens Friday October 31st | NR

When Ricky Miller, a single, quiet 40-year old aspiring writer and manager of Debbie's (think Denny's) and probably the last person you'd notice in a crowd is 'hit by lightning' and meets the love of his life, the beautiful Danita on E-Happily.com, he is catapulted into a relationship online but it's a lot more than what he bargained for - this includes being asked to kill! Hounded by his best friend Seth who thinks no "10" would even go out with a guy like Ricky unless she had ulterior motives (or needed glasses), Ricky starts to get skeptical himself. Turns out, Danita confesses she's actually married to a handsome affable crime novelist and former Rabbi, Ben Jacobs. Is Danita telling Ricky the truth when she says wants to leave her husband but fears for her life if she does? Will Ricky go through with the plan to kill him so he and Danita can live happily ever after?

Running time: 1:29
Language: English
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THE HADZA: LAST OF THE FIRST Opens Friday October 31st | NR

1:00 2:35 4:10 5:45 7:30 9:30
The Hadza, East Africa’s last remaining true hunter-gatherers and perhaps the original “indigenous people,” have lived sustainably on their land near the Rift Valley birthplace of humanity for over 50,000 years. They have occupied one place probably longer than any other group on the planet, and their foraging lifestyle characterizes most of human history. Due to modern-day encroachments, the Hadza’s land and way of life are currently under attack -- and a vital tie to our evolutionary roots may be lost forever. In addition to the remarkable Hadza themselves, the film features Jane Goodall, Wangari Maathai and a host of internationally renowned experts in anthropology, evolutionary biology, genetics, linguistics and nutrition who outline how important the Hadza are in understanding our origins. Like other indigenous peoples around the globe, the Hadza now face grave challenges. While the film celebrates their unique history and cultural cohesiveness, it is also a call to action to help establish a protective land corridor for their survival as a living and vibrant community.

Running time: 1:11
Language: English

More Info: Movie Web Site | Watch Trailer

THE LAST PATROL Opens Friday October 31st |

Going to war is confusing, but it’s nothing compared to trying to come home again. In an effort to figure out why war is so hard to give up, two combat vets and two longtime war reporters set out on a journey, on foot, through a country they no longer felt part of. Over the course of one year, on multiple trips, these four men walked the Amtrak railroad lines from Washington DC to Philadelphia, and then west to Pittsburgh. They chose to follow railroad lines because rail lines go straight through everything – ghettos and suburbs and farms and woods – and provide a view of America from the inside out. The trip was a kind of high-speed vagrancy that had them sleeping under bridges or in abandoned buildings, camping in the woods, bathing in rivers, buying supplies in the towns and dodging the police. (At one point the police had a helicopter in the air looking for them, but they were never caught.) They carried everything they needed in 60-pound packs and never paid for lodging and only got shot at once, in rural Pennsylvania. Along the way they asked people what they thought of America, and the trip became - among other things - a yearlong assessment about how this country is doing.

By the time they reached Pittsburgh, these four men had managed to re-create the incredible closeness and inter-reliance of soldiers in combat. In the upcoming national conversation about how to bring our combat vets home, The Last Patrol may well serve as a creative – and subtly subversive - solution to a very ancient problem. There are three million vets trying to figure this problem out, and another twenty million people closely associated with them. The Last Patrol is the only film on this topic that actually makes people laugh.

Running time: 1:28
Language: English
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THE ONLY REAL GAME Opens Friday November 7th | NR

1:05 3:10 5:20 7:30 9:40
THE ONLY REAL GAME explores the power of baseball for people in a remote and troubled place. The once princely state of Manipur, in volatile northeast India, defies gun violence, drug rafficking, and HIV/AIDS through a surprising passion for America’s national pastime. Manipur entered the Indian Union under protest in 1949, triggering a corrosive separatist conflict. For decades baseball has delivered release from daily struggles and a dream for healing a wounded society. This dream moves toward reality when First Pitch - a band of baseball-loving New Yorkers - and two Major League Baseball Envoy coaches join Manipuri men, women and children to “Play Ball.” With gifted women and girls among the best players, as well as leaders of peace and justice initiatives, this Manipuri story brings us to the heart of the Great American Game, or as Babe Ruth called it, “the only real game in the world.”

Running time: 1:22
Language: English and Manipuri With English Subtitles
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SEASONS OF LOVE Opens Friday November 7th |

Set in the picturesque backdrop of New York, "Seasons of Love" is a romantic, soulful holiday drama about two people who struggle to find love against the odds, while reconciling with the past and learning the true value of family.

Running time: 1:28
Language: English

WARSAW UPRISING Opens Friday November 7th | NR

1:05 3:05 5:10 7:10 9:40
WARSAW UPRISING is the first ever film edited entirely from documentary materials of the original chronicles. The creators wanted it to be a movie not so much about the 1944 Uprising itself but rather about people who fought and perished in it.

The story of fighting is shown through the eyes of the two young soldiers of the Information and Propaganda Bureau of the Polish Underground Army and an American air–gunner, shot down during one of his missions, who accompanies them. Ordered to film the city moving on with its day-to-day existence, they gradually become witnesses of sacrifice, heroism and death. They watch their city being obliterated from the face of the earth, never ceasing their mission of documenting the events in order to preserve them for future generations.

Modern technology, such as colorizing and restoring of the archive materials, combined with the expertize of lip readers allowed the filmmakers to retrieve not only insurgents faces but also their voices. Embellished with sound as much as with color the movie becomes an emotional, throat- gripping account of The Warsaw Uprising showing it with unmatched realism.

Running time: 1:37
Language: English

VIVA LA LIBERTA Opens Friday November 7th | NR

In this elegant and chilling story about world politics, the great Toni Servillo defies expectations playing two roles, imbuing each character with brilliant nuance and astonishing attention to detail. In the first, he personifies political failure in the role of the disgraced ideologue and party leader, Enrico Oliveri. In the second, he embodies the shrewd genius of a madman as Oliveri's unhinged twin brother who seizes control of the nation amidst the void of his brother's disappearance.

Running time: 1:34
Language: Italian With English Subtitles

ALWAYS WOODSTOCK Opens Friday November 14th |

BESIDE STILL WATERS Opens Friday November 14th | NR

After the death of his parents and the impending loss of his family home, a young romantic invites his friends and ex-girlfriend to a memorial celebration. Things take a turn when none in attendance share his nostalgia for the good old days, but as the weekend progresses the house brings out the adolescence in all of them. What follows is an evening full of drinking and dancing, laughter and secrets, sex, drugs, mischief and regret. Chris Lowell's (Veronica Mars, The Help) award-winning directorial debut is "stunning in its simplicity, but ovation-worthy in its visual audacity," according to the Entertainment Tonight, and stars a brilliant young cast including Ryan Eggold (The Blacklist), Beck Bennett (Saturday Night Live), Brett Dalton (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and Reid Scott (Veep).

Running time: 1:16
Language: English
More Info: Movie Web Site

OCCUPY THE FARM Opens Friday November 14th | NR

On Earth Day April 22, 2012, I received a text: a couple hundred urban farmers were marching onto ten plus acres of fallow farmland and the site of a former agricultural research center known as the Gill Tract. The farmers hoped to stop development of a shopping mall and condo complex on the site of the former research station, and de-rail plans that threatened to remove the class one agricultural land from farming. The activists brought with them 16,000 seedlings, roto tillers, shovels and tents. Within a few hours, they’d planted an acre of vegetables, put up a big banner that read: Occupy the Farm, and set up a tent village to defend the crops.

The battle over the last large piece of farmland in California’s East Bay raged for months. This successful direct action altered the fate of this land owned by the University of California at Berkeley, sent urban agriculture into local headlines, and demonstrated how hopes for social justice can become a reality. This, the urban farmers announced, was “Occupy 2.0.” We picked up our cameras that very first day and continued to follow the story over the next five months. And, we realized that these urban farmers succeeded because they physically reminded people of their fundamental connection to the land and the earth.

Running time:
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LOVE HUNTER Opens Friday November 14th | NR

1:30 3:30 6:00 7:45 9:55
Love Hunter is the story of Milan Mumin, a larger-than-life frontman of a hugely influential Serbian band Love Hunters who, during the nineties, galvanized young generations fighting an oppressive regime. Ten years later, Milan is in New York City, driving a taxi to pay for his first American album. Milan takes us on a bumpy ride as he rides all over NYC picking up a motley crew of passengers to scramble money for his recording. He loses a bass player and has to sift through New York musicians until he finds a promising replacement - and a romantic spark in a free-spirited female bassist. Just as the rehearsals start picking up steam, Milan's longtime Serbian girlfriend arrives with very different plans for their future.

Running time: 1:26
Language: English & Serbian With English Subtitles
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THE CIRCLE Opens Friday November 21st | NR

Zürich in the mid 50‘s: The young shy teacher Ernst Ostertag becomes a member of the gay organisation DER KREIS. There he gets to know the transvestite star Röbi Rapp – and immediately falls head over heels in love with him.

Röbi and Ernst live through the high point and the eventual decline of the organization, which in the whole of Europe is seen as the pioneer of gay emancipation. Ernst finds himself torn between his bourgeois existence and his commitment to homosexuality, for Röbi it is about his first serious love relationship. A relationship which will last a lifetime.

The film looks back from the present to the time when the „Mother“ of all European homosexual organizations had its high point to the time it slowly fell apart. While the repression against homosexuals became increasingly more intense in Zürich, two young and very different men fight for their love and – together with their friends – for the rights of gays.

Running time: 1:42
Language: German With English Subtitles
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FOOD CHAINS Opens Friday November 21st | NR

There is more interest in food these days than ever, yet there is very little interest in the hands that pick it. Farmworkers who form the foundation of our fresh food industry are routinely abused and robbed of wages. In extreme cases they can be beaten, sexually harassed or even enslaved - all within the borders of the United States. Food Chains exposes the human cost in our food supply and the complicity of the supermarket industry. Supermarkets earn $4 trillion globally and have tremendous power over the agricultural system. Over the past 3 decades they have drained revenue from their supply chain leaving farmworkers in poverty and forced to work under subhuman conditions. Yet supermarkets take no responsibility for this.

Running time: 1:22
Language: English
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VALLEY OF SAINTS Opens Friday November 21st | NR

Widely considered to be the crown jewel of Kashmir, Dal Lake is a sprawling aquatic community where erupting political violence often distracts from the natural beauty. Gulzar, a young, working-class boatman, plans to skip town with his best friend Afzal in search of a better life, but a weeklong military curfew derails their departure. Forced to wait it out, Gulzar and Afzal discover they’re not alone: a young woman named Asifa is also trapped on the lake, but by choice. She’s researching the lake’s ecosystem and brings on Gulzar to be her guide. As they navigate the floating landscape, an unlikely relationship blossoms between the two. With the end of the conflict looming, Gulzar has to choose between a new life or a new love.

Running time: 1:22
Language: Kashmiri With English Subtitles
More Info: Movie Web Site

STONES IN THE SUN Opens Friday November 21st | NR

1:10 3:10 5:10 7:10 9:30
A woman struggling to forget the atrocities she’s experienced reunites with her husband. A single mother striving for assimilation in the suburbs takes in her activist sister. And the host of a popular anti-government radio show, finds his estranged father on his doorstep. Stories of love amidst the emotional fallout of political terror in New York’s Haitian community.

Running time: 1:33
Language: Creole, English, Haitian & French With English Subtitles
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THE RULE Opens Friday November 28th | NR

1:00 3:10 5:30 7:35 9:55
See how Benedictine monks in the heart of one of America's most dangerous cities are able to achieve amazing success with the most vulnerable population: inner city African American and Latino teenage males. While Newark, NJ, with a high poverty rate of 32%, has an abysmal high school graduation rate, St. Benedict's Prep has a near 100% COLLEGE ACCEPTANCE rate. The film details how their "recipe for success" follows the 6th century Rule of Saint Benedict and how this rule can serve as a model for whole cities nationwide.

Running time: 1:30
Language: English
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TOUCH THE WALL Opens Friday November 28th |

1:00 5:30 7:40
Touch the Wall is the story of two amazing women and their their journey to swimming's highest stage - the 2012 London Olympics. The young phenom (Missy Franklin) is just beginning her career and is saddled with mile-high expectations; the veteran (Kara Lynn Joyce) is trying to rediscover the juice that took her the previous two Olympics. Touch the Wall is a story of winning and losing, of commitment, and triumph through adversity. It’s also a story of family, of loving what you do, and having fun with the people around you. In a world starved for heroes, Missy and Kara stand tall in Touch the Wall.

Running time: 1:48
Language: English
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THE HISTORIAN Opens Friday November 28th | NR

3:10 & 9:50
Fleeing a personal tragedy, Dr. Ben Rhodes (Miles Doleac) takes a job at a new university, in a department chaired by once-celebrated historian Valerian Hadley (William Sadler), who now fights to rekindle his fading career while caring for an elderly father (John Cullum) whose health fades faster by the day. Both feel a duty to impart the lessons of the past, even though they cannot seem to come to terms with their own histories. Further complicating matters is a promising but needy graduate student, Anna (Jillian Taylor), who worships one and is smitten with the other. This is a dark, funny, humane drama that puts academia under the microscope and finds a mirror of human nature.

Running time: 2:04
Language: English
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NIGHT WILL FALL Opens Friday December 5th |

In the spring of 1945, Allied forces liberating Europe found evidence of atrocities which have tortured the world’s conscience ever since. As the troops entered the German concentration camps, they made a systematic film record of what they saw. Work began on a documentary to show the horror they witnessed to the German population. Sidney Bernstein, chief of the Psychological Warfare Film Section of SHAEF commissioned the film. Those involved in the production included Alfred Hitchcock and renowned editor Stewart McAllister; they produced perhaps the most remarkable testament of the 20th Century. “No German can say he didn’t know” insists the commentary, co-written by Richard Crossman, the future cabinet minister. These sentiments were judged by the British Government to be unsuitable to the bridge-building mood towards Germany. The film was never shown. 40 years later an American researcher found a rusty can marked “F3080” in the vaults of London’s Imperial War Museum. It was in very poor condition and the last roll was missing, but in 1985 a scratched and blurry copy was shown on PBS in America. Now after three years of work by Dr Toby Haggith of the IWM, the entire film has been fully restored and piece by piece, frame by frame, the lost last reel has been put together from the original shot lists. For the first time in history the completed “F3080” is ready to be shown.

POVERTY, INC Opens Friday December 5th | NR

1:05 3:00 5:15 7:10 9:30
The West has positioned itself as the protagonist of the development narrative. But the results have been mixed, in some cases even catastrophic, and developing world leaders have become increasingly vocal in calling for change. Drawing on perspectives gathered from over 150 interviews shot over 4 years in 20 countries, Poverty, Inc. explores the hidden side of doing good. From disaster relief to TOMs Shoes, from adoptions to agricultural subsidies, Poverty, Inc. follows the butterfly effect of our most well-intentioned efforts and pulls back the curtain on the poverty industrial complex - the multi-billion dollar market of NGOs, multilateral agencies, and for-profit aid contractors. Are we catalyzing development or are we propagating a system in which the poor stay poor while the rich get hipper?

Running time: 1:34
Language: English


Welcome to the world of the African Diaspora International Film Festival. In our reality, people from diverse races, nationalities and backgrounds come together to enjoy important cinematic works of creativity, intellectual expansion, identity, and equality. In this world there are no boundaries around people because they are embraced in a universal understanding of humanity. This is the element of commonality that weaves through this annual event of images from Africa and the African Diaspora.
More Info: Movie Web Site

ISN'T IT DELICIOUS Opens Friday December 12th | NR

When Joan Daly, the controlling matriarch of an upper-middle class New England family, discovers she is dying of lung cancer, she sets out to reconcile her dysfunctional relationships with her three children, her husband, and along the way, her former best friend. After learning of her diagnosis, Joan decides not to pursue chemotherapy or any alternative treatment. The family’s destructive ways are offset by messy and often humorous attempts by Joan to set her children on the right course before she dies. She will also have to truly see her husband for the first time. In this big dysfunctional mix, everyone will learn to connect in their own ways and realize on their own terms what life is about.

Running time: 1:44
Language: English
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THEO'S HOUSE Opens Friday December 12th |

During 1980's, Theo and Vincent, two Finnish architects, were involved in the big change of environmental identities - escalating to one coast area where they replaced 320 wooden houses by 32 concrete towers. 10 years later, in 1993, they meet in a castle in former East-Germany. Their discussions go into a conflict over their projects and ethics of architecture. Finally, Theo begins to design a Dream House, but not only for himself but also for a woman he has met once, 50 years ago in his childhood.

Running time: 1:48
Language: English, Finnish and German with English subtitles.
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DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY NAME IS? Opens Friday December 12th | NR

Dementia, nursing home staff John Rodeman reminds us, is an awful disease. The afflicted can forget things that happened moments ago, just as they can forget the names of their children. But since 2011, there’s been hope: Cleveland’s Eliza Jennings Senior Care Network is the first site in the United States to conduct research on a program of learning therapy that can reverse symptoms of dementia. Devised by neuroscientist Ryuta Kawashima, it has already helped thousands of people in Japan. But let’s meet some of the residents at Eliza Jennings. Evelyn, Bea, Mary, and Mae are accomplished women who have recently lost cognitive function. Their therapy involves reading aloud and doing simple math problems on a regular basis. After months of working with cheerful caregivers on “brain exercises,” they exhibit an astonishing improvement in memory, focus, and mood. John Roodeman has a question for each of them: DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY NAME IS? Thanks to learning therapy, their answer is now likely to be a resounding “Yes!”

Running time: 1:23
Language: English
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A LITTLE GAME Opens Friday December 12th |

Ostracized at her posh new uptown school and shaken by the death of her beloved grandmother, a 10 year-old downtown girl finds an unlikely mentor in the form of an irascible chess-master, who uses the game to teach Max lessons in resilience, perseverance, and how to embrace inevitable change.

Running Time: 1:31
Language: English

A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD Opens Friday December 19th | NR

A Small Section of the World is an inspirational story about a group of women from a remote farming region of Costa Rica whose ideas sparked a revolution in the coffee growing world. After the men of the village left in search of work, the women came together to imagine a different future for themselves, their families and their community. The film follows the impact of this remarkable story of perseverance as it touches lives around the globe. The movie features the original song, “The Morning” by Alanis Morrisette and Carlos Tapado Vargas.

Running time:

FAREWELL HERR SCHWARZ Opens Friday December 19th |

Michla and Feiv'ke Schwarz, sister and brother, could have re-met in Lodz in 1945. But they didn't. She migrated to a Jewish state in the Middle East and founded a family there, while he returned to East Germany, changed his name to Peter, married a German woman and lived the rest of his life in the camp where he was once a prisoner. But they are just the beginning. The outcome of their decision effects the course of whole lives, for generations to come, here and now: Their children, who struggle to deal with their parents' silence and their own unasked questions. Their grandchildren who are haunted by family secrets and forced to question their own identity. Two families, in Germany and Israel, not knowing about each other for years, are strangely mirrored. “Farewell, Herr Schwarz” is an epic documentary by Yael Reuveny, the granddaughter of Michla Schwarz. A film about stories that can be inherited like the color of your eyes. A personal journey between Israel and Germany.
1 missed-meeting, 2 families, 3 generations.

Running Time: 1:36
Language: Hebrew, German and English with subtitles.

LIFE OF AN ACTRESS THE MUSICAL Opens Friday December 19th | NR

1:05 3:40 6:30 9:30
Life of an Actress is a musical film about the trials and tribulations of three actresses, connected by a greasy spoon diner, who struggle to achieve their dreams while battling to preserve love and dignity. The 25 year old actress, after going to LA, tries to make the different world of her Puerto Rican accountant boyfriend work. The 30 year old actress is in transition and faces a choice as a sleazy agent offers an opportunity for a price. Finally the 41 year old actress has a 15 year old work relationship with the diner owner but there is more beneath the surface. When the diner gets into financial trouble, chasing dreams confront reality. The film features an all Broadway musical star cast.

Visit the Life Of An Actress facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LifeofanActressTheMusical

Running time: 2:04
More Info: Movie Web Site | Watch Trailer

TALES OF THE GRIM SLEEPER Opens Friday December 26th |

Lonnie Franklin Jr. was arrested in July 2010 after a 25-year killing spree during which it is thought he may have killed over a 100 people, potentially making him the worst serial killer in history. Significantly his arrest was not the product of painstaking detective work but completely accidental, the result of a computer DNA match that linked him to a possible 20 victims. Franklin now awaits trial. TALES OF THE GRIM SLEEPER looks into how it was possible for all this to happen.

Running time: 1:45
Language: English
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BARBECUE Opens Friday December 26th |

For his 50th birthday, Antoine receives a rather unpleasant gift: a heart attack. From now on, he’s going to have to start being more careful. But Antoine has spent his whole life being careful – careful of his health, careful of his diet and carefully taking care of his family and friends. Now Antoine wants to shake things up. And he does just that – both in his life and the lives of those around him!

Running Time: 1:38
Language: French with English Subtiitles




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